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What are You Doing with Your Pets this Valentine’s Day?

Call me a crazy cat lady or an obsessive dog mama all you want, but I think the weird ones are people without pets! Whether you have a cat, a couple of dogs or a more exotic animal like a lizard or ferret we bet that you don’t forget your animal companion’s love when you see everything Valentine’s Day at pretty much any store you pop into. If you don’t know what to do for your buddy on this day of love don’t worry because we have got you covered!

Go on an adventure

Most of us probably haven’t leash trained our cats, but kudos to those of you who have, and read on! Take your pets to a park, forest preserve, or other place filled with sights, sounds and last but definitely not least the smells that they haven’t had a chance to check out before. Then you can come home and relax or try some of our other ideas!

Play Dress Up

Who says costumes are just for Halloween? I pull my dogs’ costumes out every once in a while, because they absolutely adore the attention they get for wearing them. And I get to have a little photo shoot too. Do you have any costumes you could break out for your pets? You can even do a DIY hedgehog costume. Even if you don’t have a hedgehog I highly recommend doing an image search for that. You won’t be disappointed. Also feel free to replace hedgehog with ferret, guinea pig, lizard, or try them all. Inspiration strikes when you least expect it! When you post your pets’ pictures on Instagram tag @PROFESSIONALPETSITTERSINC because we want to see what you can come up with or have had tucked far away in the back of the closet.

Presents for Pets

When you’re at the pet store or a local bakery see if they have any dog or cat treats for your pet! I’ve seen them at gas stations of all places, although that would not be my first choice. Also, how old is that feather wand your cat has been using? Maybe it’s time for a new one, or a new puzzle treat toy for your pups. While we’re back to thinking about treats, don’t forget you can always whip up something in the kitchen for your critter pals!

Cuddle Time

One of the most tried and true activities to show mutual love and affection between you and your animals is some basic quality time together. You can put something on TV that your animal may like, or something that makes you think of how much you love them while you give them extra attention and pets. Valentine’s Day has become the day to show how much you love those precious others in your life, so give your pets a squeeze for us here at Professional Pet Sitters Inc. and don’t forget to go to to book any pet care services you have been thinking about.

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