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15 Reasons a Rescue Dog is Best

1. Mutt are a great mystery

Keep people guessing on the breed of your dog!

2. Fully formed personality

A rescue dog is going to be old enough that you already know what his or her personality is like, unlike when you get a puppy as soon as they can be brought home.

3. Health issues are known

If a dog does have some sort of health issue you will know beforehand and be sure you will be able to care for him or her.

4. Already has some friends

The rescue staff probably already knows and loves your dog, so they can help you ascertain if the pup will be a good fit for a family.

5. Not a purebred… or is it?

You can get an animal that looks like (or maybe is) a purebred without shelling out big bucks.

6. You’re supporting a good cause

The money that you pay to adopt your dog is going to help other animals rather than buy a breeder a trip to Paris.

7. Dogs are good in pairs

Sure, it wasn’t the plan, but sometimes you will go home with two dogs! Some siblings or even dogs that become friends at a rescue are practically inseparable.

8. You can save a life

The dog you adopt may have been waiting to be adopted for a long time, and by picking them you make a friend and save a life.

9. It’s an adventure

Researching breeds and finding a breeder are just boring compared to going and playing with a bunch of dogs until you find that one you just can’t leave there.

10. More Informative Staff

You can talk to the staff about your concerns, whereas at a pet store the staff that’s on site might not have anything to do with the dogs

11. Friendlier service

The staff at a rescue is often in a fantastic mood and can’t wait to see one of their dogs go to a good home.

12. No fighting over who picks the name

Sure, you can rename your dog, but most people don’t. Why confuse the little guy? And now your family doesn’t have to decide who “wins” when it comes to naming him.

13. Unique names you wouldn’t think of

Dog rescues name a lot of animals so they can have some amusing and clever names

14. Take the guesswork out of feeding

Rescues tend to have what food suits what animal best worked out before you go home, and may even send you home with some to start out with.

15. You’re supporting keeping dogs off the street!

Quite possibly one of the best reasons to adopt.

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