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Pet Sitting vs. Dog Boarding: Which is Better for your Pet?

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Which is Better For Your Pet?

When you’re going out of town certainly one of the first things that you’re probably thinking about is not only how much you will miss your pet, but whether to choose pet sitting or something like a dog boarding location, or dog resort as many of them are called these days.

When thinking of pet sitting at home versus a dog boarding situation some people may weigh the literal costs without considering some of the more personal costs. Regardless of which set up you choose your dog is going to miss you very much. However, some of this emotional distress or situational anxiety can be reduced a bit by choosing a pet sitter that you know and trust, who will be there day after day and even get to build a relationship with your dog. The staff at dog boarding locations will inevitably vary day by day, and even if someone takes a liking to your dog that doesn’t mean that all their coworkers will get along with him or her just as well. Your own anxiety of leaving not only your dog but also your home can be quelled by having a sitter come directly to your place.

There is also the cost of your pet encountering other animals. Even if a boarding facility keeps this to a minimum, there is potentially the possibility of unintentional dog fights or issues with other dogs at the facility which can make your dog feel unsafe. Add to that the fact you will probably not be notified if something like this happens depending on how common it is there, and pet sitting is looking better and better! If a situation like this occurs with a pet sitting service like ours you will at least be informed of it, and it is less likely to occur in the first place.

Cleanliness is another important cost to weight. No matter how clean a facility seems, there is no arguing that tons and tons of dogs come in and out of there every day, and the groups are always changing. There are plenty of dog boarding locations that do a good job of cleaning but many who may not fare so well. Do you really want to risk your dog’s health to save a few bucks? By choosing pet sitting you know the only animals in your home are, well, your animals and the humans who care for them!

Dog boarding can be a less expensive option and somewhat convenient option sometimes, but there are a lot of reasons to pick pet sitting instead. With pet sitting you know that your dog will be in a comfortable environment, will get special attention, regular visits, and will most likely have a better peace of mind. This in turn will certainly help your own peace of mind as well!

If you chose Professional Pet Sitters Inc. for your pet sitting needs you can find a dependable, honest sitter who connects well with your pet. Then the next time you need pet sitting services such as daily or weekly dog walks or pet sitting you will already have a sitter you know. Go to our website,, to find out more or book services today!

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