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Valentines Day For Your Dog

It's that special time of year when the stores are filled cuddly teddy-bears, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and vases of roses. Couples walk around holding hands, and restaurants are being booked full for a special evening. You may find yourself in a relationship and looking forward to spoiling your better half. Or maybe you're single and would rather focus on giving yourself some TLC. It doesn't matter how you spend Valentines Day, as long as you don't forget that special friend who loves you no matter what; your dog. Here are a few ways you can spoil your pupper for Valentine's.

1. Food

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. That's definitely true for any dog. Cook their favorite dish and serve it in a new bowl. Give them their favorite treats or get them new treats they've never tried before. Better yet, why not try recipes that can be enjoyed by both you and your pupper like popcorn and pancakes. Or, if you're too lazy; why not just add a scoop of peanut butter in a bowl and enjoy watching them trying to lick their teeth clean. Just make sure their treats are dog-safe and chocolate and xylitol free.

2. Toys

One of the things that warms the heart on Valentines Day is being given a cute and cuddly teddy bear. Your dog would agree. It doesn't even have to be a teddy-bear. Why not take them to the pet-store so they can pick out their new toy. If you're the creative type, you can make toys yourself or re-purpose old toys. Just think of how happy your friend would be if they get to have playtime with a new toy on Valentines Day.

3. New Accessories

Everyone loves new clothes, jewelry and shoes. Don't you think your dog would love it too? Get them a new collar so they can be the most dashing dog at the park. A new bowl or bed would also be appreciated. Or stock up on accessories for the summer. They'll love that new leash when the weather allows for longer walks.

4. Go for an Outing

Depending on the weather, you can go to the park and spend the day there. Pack a picnic with your favorite treats and make new friends. Look up events in your city. There will probably be plenty events for dogs and their humans.

5. Make Memories

You are your dog's whole world. They've dedicated their entire life to you and if they had more than one life time, they would do it over and over again. Why not give them the best gift of all; immortalize them in the form of a photo or a portrait. Spend the day to do a fun photo shoot with silly props and costumes. Or have a portrait done which you can hang where everyone can see.

Our dogs love us unconditionally. They may not be able to buy us chocolates or pick us flowers but they'll always be loyal and shower us with slobbering kisses. Why not spoil them in return?


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