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The Truth About Feeding Your Dog Table Food

Are you guilty of regularly feeding your dog table food? The truth is that table food is typically too fatty for a dog's digestive system, which can result in your dog having a severe upset stomach. Oily and fatty foods are typically found on our dinner tables. These foods, when fed to dogs, led to severe health problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and pancreatitis.

The Truth About Feeding Your Dog Table Food | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

Feeding table scraps to your dog almost always causes obesity. If you absolutely cannot refrain from feeding your dog table scraps, make sure that you cut back on the amount of dog food you are providing. This will help cut back on the chances of your dog becoming overweight.

The risk of obesity is higher in small dogs when fed table food, and dogs who have been diagnosed with diabetes should never have any table food. Feeding your dog healthy food items like chicken, turkey, and steamed vegetables are your best option. Stay away from junk food like french fries, pizza, and candies.

Never feed your dog avocados, onions, grapes, nuts, chocolate, peaches, or plums as these foods are very dangerous for dogs to consume. On top of health problems, feeding your dog table food will also allow your dog to develop bad behaviors. Dogs that are constantly fed with table scraps become dependent on them, and can refuse to eat regular dog food. Dogs will also continually beg for the table scraps.

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