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Treats You Can Bake For Your Dog

What is a party without a cake? We can't deny how much our mouths water as we wait in anticipation for that culinary masterpiece to be sliced and divided. And of course sneaking some left overs while no one is watching latter on. Except Fido will be watching. While you try to enjoy those mouth-fulls of chocolate icing, Fido will be staring you down with hope in his eyes and a drooling tongue. But Fido doesn't have to be excluded during party times. Doesn't he deserve a cake on his own birthday? Here are a few healthy and easy cake recipes your dog can enjoy when it's party time.

This first recipe is from It is an easy-to-make peanut butter, pumpkin and applesauce cake with Greek yogurt and peanut butter frosting. Follow the complete recipe on and watch your pup lick up every crumb with joy. If your dog struggles with allergies this wheat free recipe from is the ideal birthday gift for your dog. If your pup prefers cupcakes has a great recipe for peanut-butter and banana filled cupcakes with peanut-butter frosting. And if you're not much of a whiz in the kitchen or your a little on the lazy side, you can always purchase a box of Puppy Cake Wheat Free mix on Amazon. Cake is not the only treat you find at a party so why not spoil your pup with some variety. You can find a range of recipes from peanut-butter treats, chicken treats, sweet potato fries to frozen apple treats and even diabetic dog treats at But not all of us are at home in the kitchen;not even with a box of instructions and pre-packaged ingredients. Don't worry. You can impress your pups and his friends by ordering cakes and treats from these bakeries: and

There's no reason why Fido can't join in the party; and every reason to celebrate the wonderful lives they share with to us every day. A freshly baked treat or a homemade cake is just the way to thank them for their devotion!

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