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Problems With A Smelly Dog?

What is "dog smell"? We've all known when we are near a dog and it has a certain odor, it is not favorable. Dogs do not sweat like humans. They perspire through their paws and emit a light perspiration from their hair follicles, which has a chemical scent that is specific to the dog. Dogs also produce oil, which also has it's own scent marker. All of these are normal body odors for dogs and can be kept to a minimum through regular bathing and grooming. 

Problems With A Smelly Dog? | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

There are a few other causes for dog odor:

1. Bacteria or fungus like ear infections. These usually have a very strong odor.

2. Anal sacs can become blocked  and unable to drain. The gland will become swollen and painful for a dog. This causes noticeable odor on a dog.

3. Skin infections and irritations often affect dogs with overlapping folds of skin, like bulldogs, and can cause a smell that is not favorable.

4. Dental infections will cause a decaying odor from infected and rotting tissue in a dog's mouth. 

To remedy your dog's odors, sweet smelling shampoos are nice, but fragrances may be irritating to your dog. A simple and gentle shampoo designed for dogs is the best choice. Unless your dog loves to roll around in the mud and garbage, you should not give your dog a bath more than once a month. In between baths, you can brush the coat a few times a week to remove any dirt and debris. Also try to keep the nails and spaces between the toes and food pads clean to eliminate odor. After baths or if your dog has gotten wet, dry your dog so wet hair does not gather more dirt and bacteria. 

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