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Safe Traveling with Your Dog

Summer is well under way which means time for vacations and trips across the country. If you have decided to go on a trip, it is important to make sure your dog has proper identification such as a collar, ID tags, a  microchip or both. Leading up to your vacation travel, it is always a great idea to go over basic obedience and leash manners before leaving. Always schedule a veterinarian visit to ensure your dog is in good health to travel and is current on his or her vaccinations.

Safe Traveling with Your Dog | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

If you are planning to travel by air:

Plan ahead and be prepared to do research before you begin to book your flight. Small dogs weighing 15 lbs. or less can usuallly ride in the cabin; however, the carrier must fit under the seat in front of you. You should also consider the temperature when you are traveling. Animals cannot travel in cargo if the temperature is too hot (above 85 degrees).  You will also need a valid health certificate from your vet. Visit the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website for all of the necessary requirements if you and your dog are traveling abroad. 

If you are traveling by car:

Traveling in a vehicle is less stressful and afforable than flying. Make sure you purchase a dog seatbelt or harness for your dog's safety. Your dog should always be in the back seat or rear compartment of a vehicle. Once you and your dog are in the car, plan to make regular stop every 3 to 4 hours so that your dog can relieve him or herself, get fresh water, and stretch. It is also important to keep snacks and meals light during travel to avoid motion sickness. Never leave your dog alone in the car and be prepared for an emergency by taking along a dog first aid kit with you.

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Abihu Hogward
Abihu Hogward
22 de jan. de 2020

I am very happy after read you article about safe traveling with your dogs. During my journey I will remember your tips about safe dogs. your article are so helpful for me. I have a dog and these tips are useful for me.

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