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Preparing Your Dog for the Veterinarian

It is no secret that dogs and owners alike dread visits to the veterinarian. Knowing your dog does not enjoy this visit and all that goes with it, here are some tips that will prepare you and your dog for the best veterinarian visit concerning your dog's health.

Preparing Your Dog for the Veterinarian | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

1. Teach your dog to enjoy travel, especially to the vet office. Acting nervous and anxious around your dog before a veterinarian visit is the worst thing  you can do. Take your dog with you to other places in the car so travel seems routine. Develop a relationship between travel and going to the vet using treats and praise. Drive to the veterinarian and park. Ask if the staff would come out and praise your dog, or walk to the front door, rewarding your dog only once he or she has made it inside the building.

Try not to reward your dog when his or her behavior is fearful. Training your dog in this way does take time, but is a priceless investment to your dog's health and happiness.

2. Bring your dog to the vet on an empty stomach. Your dog will be less likely to have motion sickness and nausea on an empty stomach when traveling in the car. This will also ensure your dog is hungry and will be more susceptible to treats (aka bribery) once he or she has met with the vet.

3. Bring a stool sample from home. If you bring a fresh stool sample, it will save your pet from the instrument that vets have to use to obtain the sample directly from your pet's colon. Fecal exams are necessary and a very important part of you dog's visit.

If you are looking to donate, but don't have the time, dine in or take out on July 22nd at the Oberweis at 101-103 Northwest highway in Park Ridge, and the company will donate 30% of your pre-tax bill to Chicago Pet Rescue, from 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

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