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Owning a Dog Improves Your Health

When your dog chews your new pair of shoes or you get a large veterinarian bill after a check up, you may wonder what benefits you're receiving from your dog. There is actually anecdotal and scientific evidence that dog owners are healthier than someone without a dog. Here are ways that having a dog keeps you healthy.

Owning a Dog Improves Your Health | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

1. Dogs can detect cancer. Scientific reports show that dogs have been able to sniff cancerous growths for the past 20 years.

2. Dogs can keep you active. Whether it is playing a game of fetch or going on a walk, dog owners almost double their activity in minutes compared to those without a dog.

3. Dogs can steer you away from foods in which you are allergic. Dogs have been known for sniffing bombs and illlcit substances, but a dog's olfactory system is actually better used for detecting allergies.

4. Dogs help you rehabilitate. Therapy dogs encourage mobility, socialization, and interpersonal contact. Dog owners are also better in dealing with stress and are less likely to have anxiety related illnesses. 

There are much more wonderful benefits that having a dog gives you. Make sure you show your pup how much you appreciate them in your life, because all your dog really wants is your love and attention! Show your dog your love by taking him or her on the Mercury Cruiseline Canine Cruise, this Saturday, August 1 on the Chicago River to benefit the Animal Care League. All dogs are welcome!

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