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Longevity Tips for Dogs

There are very easy tips that you as a dog owner can follow to make sure your dog is living his or her best life for as long as possible! Below are things that you should be incorporating into their lives.

Longevity Tips for Dogs | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

Isn't Maggie gorgeous?!

Put your dog on a diet: First, visit your veterinarian. He or she can tell you if your dog's weight is healthy. It is a sad statistic that over half of all dogs are far above their ideal weight. Next, you can start a journal to log everything that you feed to your pet. Extra calories can show in places like rawhides that add on around 75-100 more calories. After a week or more of entries in the journal, talk to your veterinarian about a feeding plan. Some owners have come to find that they are actually feeding their pet two times the correct amount of food.

Exercise: There is no set guideline for how much your dog should be getting exercise, but the best thing is to aim for some form of activity every day. If you have a lazy dog, try spreading bits of kibble around the house for him or her to find. You can also reserve your dog's favorite treat for when he or she is outside for a walk or potty break.

Treatment: If your dog is sick or has any issues, get them treated. If you dog's joints hurt, he or she limps, or seems stiff, see your veterinarian. There are forms of medication and therapy that can get your dog moving and improve his or her quality of life.

Check Ups: Do not pass up on visits to your vet. Make sure that you remain up to date on medications and vaccinations every year.

Enrichment: Dogs need to keep their brain active! Taking your dog on walks, to parks, or to a doggy daycare are important. This will also improve your dog's quality of life and lifespan!

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