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Does your 80lb dog all of the sudden become a lap dog when fireworks go off? Many of us have experienced this and it’s disheartening to see our pets so stressed. There are numerous ways that you can try to soothe the beast and have an enjoyable holiday as well. 

IS YOUR DOG SCARED OF FIREWORKS? WE HAVE SOLUTIONS! | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

Keep your pet close to you! They will always be more comforted when they know their owner is nearby. Distract them by petting or brushing them and food may be a diversion as well.  If you can’t be home – hire a pet sitter!

Drown out the fireworks with white noise or the DOGTV channel. Check out “Through a Dog’s Ear”, which are available by downloading or purchasing CD’s.  These were created by a sound scientist, a veterinarian and a concert pianist to calm anxious dogs. The music makes the loud booms seem less frightening.

Explore pheromone therapy such as Adaptil, which comes in a plug-in and collar-attached forms that diffuses the scent into the room.

A Thundershirt – we love them and have had great success with them with many of our dogs. It’s a good idea to have the dog wear the shirt for a few hours at a time prior to the firework show so they can get accustomed to wearing one.

Additionally, treats and games can be used to relieve stress and occupy an anxious dog. Shop around for treat-dispensing toys and games that will keep your dog’s mind active and focused. The best advice we can give is to keep them inside during the fireworks – get their business taken care of prior to the show so they can be safe and secure in their own home!


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