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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

All dogs need some type of exercise daily. Toy breeds only need one daily walk, while larger breeds may need an hour of running and extra play-time. Here are some signs that your dog may not be getting enough physical activity.

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise? | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

1. Obesity. This is the easiest sign that your dog is not getting enough exercise. Dogs that are overweight need less food intake and more activity. Obesity can be dangerous because it can cause health problems. 

2. Excessive barking. Many dogs bark when they are bored, especially if you are away from home. Constant barking is a dog's way of getting attention. Pent up energy will come to your acknowledgement by repeated vocalization. 

3. Destructive behavior. The reason your dog displays destructive behavior is because he or she is bored. A dog who is bored will burn energy by attacking your furniture, belongings, or outside landscape. 

4. Continuous rough play. A dog that is unable to play nice without being overly active is a great sign he or she has extra energy. If a dog is not getting enough exercise, he or she have no self control during play time.

5. Leash pulling. Pulling on a leash is not always bad, but it could mean your dog has energy to burn and would rather run than walk. Dogs should be trained to behave outside, but it is not a fair request of them if they are not given the opportunity to burn the energy elsewhere. 

6. Restlessness. If your dog does not sleep through the night, or keeps you awake wandering through the house, he or she needs more exercise. Dogs that do not burn enough energy will be anxious and pace. Not getting enough exercise not only has an affect on our dog's body, but mind as well.

7. Attention seeking. Some dogs can be overly obnoxious and will constantly bug those in the household. Whether they are pushing their nose into you, dropping toys around you, or barking, this is a sign that your dog is bored and want to exert his or her energy. 

Exercise in dogs, and humans alike, is imporant. If you have any concerns about your dog's exercise, please consult your veterinarian before making any sudden changes to your dog's lifestyle. Making sure your dog is getting enough physical activity is one of the best ways to provide your dog lives a long, happy, and healthy life. If you are looking for an opportunity to get out and support local area shelters, Join Heartland's 9th Annual Walk of Love on July 25 to honor the animals they saved and raise funds for future Heartland residents.  You will enjoy a leisurely 2K walk, breakfast, shopping, puppy pools, professional photos, a pet caricaturist and much more! 

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