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Is Your Dog Crazy?

Does your canine have some habits that make you wonder if he or she has lost it? Crazy they may seem, but most of these behaviors are normal with dogs. It's okay to admit you love your dog, even when he does eat his own poop.

Is Your Dog Crazy? | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

FEAR OF THUNDER. This is a common trait with dogs. Just make sure it does not develop into a phobia. Pacing, shivering and drooling are signs that you may need to take your pet to a veterinarian. If your pet continually acts up during storms, play a CD of thunderstorms on low and give your pet treats. It is key to associate thunder with good times. The same can also be applied to fireworks.

SEPARATION ANXIETY. This behavior can partly be the owner's fault. Dogs need to learn emotional self control. Teach the dog to lie down quietly to get the owner to return. Making a fuss over your comings and goings reinforces the dog's anxious behavior.

POOP TREAT. This does not make your dog crazy. Dogs have evolved as scavengers and poop has protein!

TOUCH. If your dog dislikes feet being touched or nails being clipped, it is an easy fix. You can train your pet to love the things he or she hates by pairing grooming with treats. Positive reinforcement goes a long way!

TAIL CHASING.  This is an amusing behavior for dogs. It is a fun way for your dog to expend excess energy. However, if your pet does this constantly, anal gland problems, allergy dermatitis, or obsessive compulsive disorder could be the cause. Speak to a veterinarian if you have any concerns.

LICKING. This is a natural behavior and a way of your pet showing affection. In relation to humans, it is similar to reaching out and touching something.

HUMPS YOU, OBJECTS, OTHER DOGS. Even if your pet is spayed or neutered, dogs hump because they are excited or are seeking attention. To prevent the embarrassing behavior, ignore it or redirect with a treat or toy.

If you would like a way to make your dog a crazy social butterfly, try BarkHappy.  BarkHappy is a free app launching soon that helps you find dog friendly bars, restaurants, hotels, parks and more. Plus it helps you meet other dogs and their owners for instant play dates. If you and your dog would like to help test out the app for iPhone here in Chicago, simply download the app from the Apple app store then request your access code form the app.  You can also go to to request access.

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