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What are the Health Benefits of Daily Dog Walking?

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Daily Dog Walking for Healthy Dogs

Many people want to know if their dogs are getting enough exercise.

If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of daily dog walking, you have come to the right place! Daily dog walks are important not only for dogs’ physical health, but their mental health as well. Getting the right amount of exercise is beneficial for your dog and for your own happiness and peace of mind.

Getting Started:

Dogs need a decent amount of exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy.

This amount varies from breed to breed along with age, so check with your veterinarian about the proper amount of exercise for your pup. Daily dog walks help you to make sure you and your dog maintain a schedule and fido gets the right amount of exercise.

Weight problems:

Daily dog walks are a good way to burn physical extra energy and calories. This helps to maintain a healthy weight which is important for so many reasons. Overweight dogs are more prone to hip issues, joint problems, liver disease, and heart disease, among other things. Avoid this with daily dog walks.

Mental health and stimulation:

Burning some excess energy is a great way to help dogs who suffer from restlessness, boredom, or anxiety, or to prevent these types of problems. Emotional health is so important, and while snuggling on the couch surely makes your dog happy, daily dog walking improves mental and emotional health very much. Dogs have such strong senses of smell, and getting out and about, smelling the neighborhood or wherever else you choose for your walks and checking out the sights and sounds helps keep them happy and mentally stimulated.

Schedules and regularity:

Many dogs like to use the bathroom at the same times every day, so scheduling in daily dog walks has many benefits. Digestion is improved with physical exercise, so daily dog walks can prevent constipation and prevent messes on the carpet. Urinary health can also be improved, as getting outdoors more often and on a schedule can reduce the risk of bladder infections and other urinary problems.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to daily dog walking! If you think your dog would benefit from a regular walking routine with a dog walker, please get in touch with us by going to and we look forward to hearing from you!

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