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Five Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

There is no denying that dogs are cute. They have the most adorable ways; jumping up and down when greeting us, barking at other dogs on tv or their reflection in the mirrors, and kicking their legs when we scratch just the right spot. But sometimes their behavior can leave us scratching our heads. If we were able to ask them questions, most owners would have a list of questions they want to ask. While we may never find out the truth, scientists and behaviorists have researched our canine friends and the following are possible explanations for some of their weirdest behaviors.

The Stare

One of the first strange behaviors you'll pick up on is the stare. You're just sitting in your chair while browsing on your phone when you suddenly get the sense of eyes fixed upon you. You lower your phone, only to meet Bruno's intense gaze. “What?” you ask, and his tail begins to wag, but he doesn't bother to give you a reply. Dogs communicate through their eyes. Many dog owners will have experienced the look and if you're bond is strong you'd be able to identify what each look means. For example when your dog looks at you and then the leash, you can make an informed guess that it's time to get off your lazy behind and take him for a walk.

The Head Tilt

The head tilt is probably the cutest behavior a dog can exhibit. You can just feel your heart melting when you speak to your friend and they cock their head as if they're listening. Maybe they are. Behaviorists speculate that this could be a way to hear better. They could be trying to locate the source of a strange sound or just try to pick up on certain words like the one used for a certain activity.

Tail Chasing

If those previous behaviors did not have you confused then maybe the tail chasing and circling may have you puzzled. We have all laughed at our friend for mistaking his tail for another creature. Some of us may even have videos we share with our friends and family. But Bruno may not find it so amusing. Tail chasing could be a sign of boredom or even a compulsive behavior. Puppies may do it because they have no idea what that thing following them is and want to investigate so it is not always bad behavior; however, if your dog does it frequently, it i to take him it is recommended you take them to the vet to find out if there is an underlying cause. Another behavior involving circles is when your dog circles his napping spot. This is believed to be a trait from his ancestors when they had to pat down the dirt and leaves of their sleeping area to make it more comfortable and maybe get rid of snakes and insects.

Rolling In Filth

Not all behaviors are cute. It's hard to adore Bruno when he is rolling around in filth; especially after his bath. Even this is normal for dogs. Some behaviorists speculate that it is to hide their scent from prey; a behavior learned from their ancestors or to get rid of that soapy smell after their bath.

Eating Grass

Perhaps the most baffling behavior of all is when they eat grass. What could be so appealing about grass? Well, Some dogs do like the taste of grass and it can provide some fibre. Other dogs will eat it to help an upset stomach. It is normal behaviour, but keep an eye out for when they eat too much as this can indicate a serious illness.

Life is never boring when your dog is around. They're loud, energetic and quirky but most of all they're loving and fun to be around. So take the time to understand their doggy ways and maybe you'll be rewarded with even more cuteness.

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