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Fancy Rats Make Great Pets

A group of rats is called a mischief and aptly so. They're clever creatures of the night; sneaking around in kitchens stealing food and causing trouble. Stories often feature them as villains or bringers of plague, but these creatures have been sadly misrepresented by history and fairy tales. One of the most kind and lovable pets you could ever find is the humble fancy rat.

With the loyalty of a dog and the personality of a cat, life with a rat is always an adventure. They love to explore, steal food and soft materials and give kisses to their humans. Unlike their wild cousins, fancy rats are bred to be pets. They're easily tamed and loyal to their owners. Contrary to popular belief, rats are not aggressive and only tend to bite when threatened. They are even less aggressive than the ever popular hamster. And they love nothing more than to hide in the sleeves and the pockets of their humans.

Most people will think that rats are mindless creatures. However, they're very clever; able to learn their own names and even complicated tricks like dunking a ball through a hoop and fetch. Owners of rats will do well by providing them with food puzzles and toys to keep them entertained, their mischief might just live up to their name.

Rats are very social creatures. They don't fare well when housed alone and should rather be kept as pairs or in larger groups. They also don't like being cooped up in their cage all day. Most rats can be trained to ride on your shoulders or to wear a leash. And your pockets will always be a favorite spot for a nap.

But how hard is it to take car of a group of rats? It does require a lot of socialization, but if you love your ratties, that won't be a problem. They require a big cage; especially if you have three or more. Bedding should be changed regularly to avoid bad smells. Lots of chew toys should be provided as well since their teeth needs to be maintained through chewing. Care must also be taken when handling them as they are small and fragile creatures. But the more time you spend with them, the more in tune you will become with their tiny bodies.

These wonderful creatures make great companions. They can learn to get along with other animals and family members too. And at night they love to cuddle with you under the blanket. Just make sure you know where their tails are.

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