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Common Pet Owner Mistakes

There are quite a few habits that pet owner's display that are common and can be harmful to a pet. Listed below are a few mistakes that can be avoided and allow you to have a happier, healthy animal!

Common Pet Owner Mistakes | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

1. Letting your dog walk you.

Tens of thousands of people go to the ER every year due to pet related falls. These mostly occur during dog walks. Maintaining control with your dog when you are walking him or her is extremely important. Obedience training is the best way  to make sure your pooch doesn't take you down when you're out for a walk.

2. Overlooking ticks.

Make sure you check your pet for ticks,  especially if your pet has been in a wooded area. Ticks can cause Lyme disease and a handful of other diseases. If you see a tick on your pet, use tweezers to remove the tick. If you have other pets, it is a good idea to check them for ticks also if one has been sighted.

3. Ignoring ringworm. 

The most common sign of ringworm is a round, bald patch on your pet. People can get ringworm from dogs and cats by touching skin or fur. If your pet has hair loss, it is best to take him or her to your veterinarian for a check up.

4. Not spaying or neutering.

Getting your pet spayed or neutered is a healthy choice because it helps reduce breast cancer in females and testicular cancer in males. Neutered males are less likely to run away from home, mark their territory, or exhibit aggressive behaviors.

5. Keeping food bowl full. Cats and dogs often eat more than they need. If food is constantly available, your pet will take in too many calories. This will lead to your pet being overweight, which can also lead to more health problems.

6. Leaving dog alone too long.

Eight to ten hours is too long for your pet to be alone, especially if he or she is in a crate or a small room. Leaving your dog alone for extended amounts of time can lead to separation anxiety and destructive behaviors like chewing, soiling, digging, and even depression in a timid dog.

Common Pet Owner Mistakes | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

7. Too little exercise.

The right amount of exercise depends on the breed and size of dog. A good rule is to give your dog at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.

8. Giving milk to cats.

Most cats are actually lactose intolerant. Their bodies can't digest the sugars that are in milk.

9. Feeding dogs table scraps.

Human food can be toxic to pets. Rewarding your dog with table scraps will only encourage more begging in the future If you want to share table food, do it away from the table Use food as a reward for your pet displaying good behavior.

Common Pet Owner Mistakes | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

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