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During this time of cold weather, it is important to monitor the amount of time your dog is outside, even if you have an outdoor pet.

COLD WEATHER TIPS FOR DOGS | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

You may need to adjust or lower the amount of food you give your pets, since your pet may not be as active outside or going for walks as frequently.

With these below freezing temperatures, frosting is a problem for your pet's paws, tips of tails and ears. It is a good idea to get booties, coats and sweaters for your dog. Booties help protect against the salt that is on sidewalks and streets, as it is very harsh to a dog's paws.

If you own an older, arthritic dog, consider a heated dog bed. If your dog sleeps on the ground, or near an area with cold drafts, place your pet's bed off of the floor and add an extra blanket.

Lastly, speak out if you see a pet that is left out in the cold! Contact your local animal control center to report this kind of treatment to a pet.

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