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The old English sheepdog is a large breed of dog, developed in England from early herding types of dogs. This breed grows a long coat, with it's fur covering it's face and eyes. Puppies are born with a black and white coat and only after the puppy coat has been shed, the common grey or silver shaggy hair appears.

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Here's our famous sheepdog, Hershey a.k.a. Hollywood!

The English sheepdog was first called "shepherd's dog" and was exhibited for the first time at a show in Birmingham, England in 1873.

The English sheepdog has very amiable qualities. This breed is never nervous or aggressive. They show intelligence, adaptability and are also very social.

English sheepdog's have strong herding instincts and a sense of duty. Owners have the ability to nurture these traits or subdue them, depending on factors such as space, environment and size of family.

Last year at the International Kennel Club of Chicago Show, an English sheepdog won the award for Best in Show. If you are interested in attending this years show in Chicago, the dates are January 31-February 1, 2015. You can find more information at

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