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Go shopping.. WITH YOUR PETS!

Who does not want to shop with your best friend? And when your bestie has fur and four legs, sometimes this can be a challenge. Well for all of you that love to shop and love to share that with your dog we have found some surprising and fun places you can take your purse and your pooch!

Go shopping.. WITH YOUR PETS! | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Home Goods: At this chain of stores your dog is welcome. Dogs are able to shop with you but must either be in the cart or on a leash. Home Goods almost always has something fun and fashionable for your dog and your home.

Bed Bath & Beyond:

This store actually has special carts for your shopping buddy. So the options of new towels or a fun new dog bed can be fun experience for both. Home Depot/Lowe's: These stores are big and open. Perfect for your fur kid to help you find the last min needs to fix the dog house or a new project for a back yard play date with the neighbor's dogs. JoAnn Fabrics: Perfect for getting crafty with your pooch. Picking out the perfect fabric for a new dog bed.

PetSmart/Petco: Well.. This is a no brainer. Not only are these stores the meccas for your fur babies, they are also a wonderful place for your dog to get an ego boost. Lots of attention from the staff and the customers alike. Stores on the local Chicago scene that are dog friendly: Nordstrom: At this location: 55 East Grand Ave. Chicago IL. Dogs are welcome to shop with you on a leash. What is not more perfect than to be with your pooch and finding that perfect outfit for Friday night.

Crate & Barrel: At this location : 850 West North Ave. Chicago IL. Dogs are welcome to shop with you on a leash. Picking out a new set of dishes for you and your dog can be that much more fun.

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