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Overturning The Ban of Puppy Mill Dogs in Pet Stores

Overturning The Ban of Puppy Mill Dogs in Pet Stores | Professional Pet Sitters Inc. Chicago

As many of you know, we are not only pet walkers, but pet owners and animal advocates at Professional Pet Sitters Inc. Naturally we are appalled that three Cook County Commissioners want to reverse the ban on the sales of puppy mill dogs in pet stores in Cook County. These three Commissioners, Joan Patricia Murphy, Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman and Gregg Goslin all have high volume pet stores in their districts. Is it possible that they are getting pressure from their constituents about this controversial decision to reverse the ban?

Our good friend Steve Dale spoke to Joan Patricia Murphy recently on his WGN radio show, which you can listen to here. In a nutshell, Ms. Murphy maintains that proper procedure wasn’t followed in creating the ban and she doesn’t want pet stores put out of business. We contend that if you are doing something wrong and unethical, should you stay in business? As Steve expresses on his blog, many pet stores survive without selling pets and many of them are huge advocates of rescue groups and shelters. And most make sure their customers are directed towards adoption of rescue animals through organizations such as Secondhand Snoots and PAWS.

As we have discussed this topic with our clients, friends and colleagues in the pet care industry, everyone overwhelmingly supports the ban. Here are a few crucial points brought up by Steve:

  • Puppy mills are not a good thing. FACT.

  • Many dogs sold at pet stores are from puppy mills, others are from commercial facilities that mass produce dogs. FACT

  • Purchases made at pet stores are impulsive and unlike a private breeder or animal shelter or rescue, - which wants to insure you are the right family for that pet - pet stores only ask "will that be cash or credit?" FACT

  • Most pet stores don't even sell dogs, cats or rabbits because they have ethical concerns, or feel it's "not worth" the effort for the dollars gained FACT

We urge you to sign this petition or contact the 17 Commissioners directly to prevent the ordinance from being amended.


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