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Is CBD Oil Right For Your Pet?

CBD oil is increasing in popularity. You see people selling them on Facebook, restaurants offer CBD pizzas and your best friend may even recommend you try those CBD gummy bears to calm your nerves. Another trend that seems to have popped up is CBD products for animals and this time of year they're even more popular as pet owners look for ways to calm their pets during fire-work shows. But are these products any good? What are the pros and cons, and are there any health hazards? Let's take a look.

CBD is short for cannabidiol oil which is extracted from cannabis. It is not psychoactive meaning your pet will not get a high from using it. It is also legal in many places so getting hold of it will not be a problem. So from a legal standpoint you are safe. Make sure that it is hemp oil though.

The CBD oil interacts with the the endocannabinoid system of the body which is a series of neurons that bind with receptors. These receptors produce certain responses. Like humans, dogs are some of the species who have an endocannbinoid system.

The benefits which have been discovered is that CBD oil seems to help dogs with seizures and provide relief from pain and anxiety. It is one of the more popular treatments for dogs during fire-work shows or thunderstorms. It has also shown to increase appetite so it helps those puppers who do not eat as much as they should. It also fights cancerous cell growth. It may even help to fight diseases like Alzheimer's.

There may however be side effects to using CBD oil. It can make your pet depressed or tired if you use too much of it. It can also cause vomiting. Shaking and drooling. Be careful of the amount you use and make sure you buy your oil from a reputable source. Buying it from your cousin's Facebook page may not be such a good idea. It is a good idea to do the research first before getting anything health related for your dog and as always I recommend a trip to your local vet. Their goal is to make sure your pet is healthy and they'll do their best to keep you informed. They may even give recommendations on where to purchase oil.


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