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HIGHLIGHT - Foster Animal of the Week! Meet Louise!

Louise is a 1 year old Bull Terrier mix who came into CACC as a stray. She is a very petite girl at only 35lbs which only makes her sonic sized bat ears look even bigger. Louise greets every person she sees with a huge smile and a tail wag that makes her entire body wiggle and shake. She absolutely adores every person she comes in contact with. To say she is a cuddler is an understatement. If it is even remotely possible for her to climb into someone's lap, she will.

HIGHLIGHT - Foster Animal of the Week! Meet Louise! | Professional Pet Sitters, Inc. | Chicago

Louise was attacked by another dog, leaving scarring on her face and one ear. She is still absolutely beautiful though and has a smile that can brighten the cloudiest of days. Because of this she is picky about other dogs. Louise is currently at the Dog District where she is working on her training. She is extremely food motivated which makes her easily trainable. Bonus: she loves to fish! One of the Dog District employees occasionally takes her on overnight fishing trips and says she is the perfect companion.

For more information on Louise, or if you're interested in fostering visit;

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