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Bringing A Puppy Home For Christmas: What You Need

new puppy christmas present dog supplies
You Know What You Want But What's on Your New Puppy's Wish List?

So, you decided the best Christmas present was a puppy? It doesn’t get much better than that. However, before you get lost in all the excitement it’s important to make sure you have everything your new puppy needs before you bring him or her home. The love comes free, but you’ll have to venture out (or order in) for the supplies to make sure they’re supported with food, water, and shelter.


A crate is one of the most important things you’ll need for your puppy until it learns (over quite a bit of time) what areas of the house are on or off limits for him or her. This one requires a little more forethought than some of the other supplies because of the age and breed of your puppy. Make sure you get a crate that isn’t so big that they think there’s room for a potty spot in the corner, but not one so small that they’re incredibly uncomfortable. There’s a little wiggle room here and it’ll never be perfect, but think of how fast your pup should grow so you’re not ending up with a house full of different size crates.

Food and bowls:

Next up is feeding time! First things first, check with the shelter or breeder to find out what puppy food they were feeding your new pride and joy and start with that. You can talk with a veterinarian later on if you wish to change things up. Your new doggo will also need food and water bowls appropriate for their size.

Collar and leash:

Next up is a sturdy collar and a leash, or even maybe two. When you can’t find the first one you’ll be really happy to have a spare. Don’t forget the dog tags so if your puppy gets away they can be returned to you safely.

Poop bags and holder:

With puppies come many walks, so poop bags are a must if you don’t want to tick off the neighbors and home owner association, and having the bags on a holder that can clip onto the leash or your belt loops is incredibly convenient.

Treats and a treat pouch:

Treats for your puppy are very important for training, and if you have a convenient treat pouch it will be that much easier to train your pup. And of course bring more treats around than you think you'll need because you'll certainly want to spoil your pup sometimes.

Puppy Toys:

Toys are very important to keep your puppy mentally stimulated. Make sure to include chew toys for teething and a variety of other toys while your dog is just learning how to be himself! Also make sure you get toys made specifically for puppies, because they can have razor sharp teeth that tear things to shreds.

Now that you’ve got food, fun and necessities all stocked up you should be ready to take your new little guy or gal home. However, when you’ve got to go away, it’s important to have a reliable, professional pet sitter or dog walker at your finger tips, so give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to meet your new family member and find out everything your family needs to feel they're safe when you're away. Merry Christmas from all of us!

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