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Why You Should Pick Professional Pet Sitters Inc. for your Pet Care Needs

Dependable, Honest and Reliable Pet Care

All these new things like dog walking apps may seem convenient, but we have plenty of reasons you should pick Professional Pet Sitters Inc. over them, or any other pet sitting service for that matter. At Professional Pet Sitters Inc., we are dependable, honest, and reliable, and go above and beyond to make sure all your pet care desires and needs are taken care of. We are dedicated to continued education on pet care, and make sure every sitter is a great fit for your animal before you leave them without you.

One of the best things about Professional Pet Sitters Inc. is our long-standing commitment to animal care and continued education on the subject. The founder, Jessica, is the “Original Pet Sitter” in the Greater Chicago area, and is a big proponent of continued education in the pet care industry. Jessica is always learning the best and biggest things. She is often appearing on podcasts, as well as local and national programming. In 2012 she joined the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and she is currently their President.

We at Professional Pet Sitters Inc. really and truly adore animals of all kinds, including humans. Jessica spends a lot of her free time working with a variety of animal rescues as an animal advocated. This spirit spreads to our services, and our commitment to providing the best pet service possible extends to you and your family. Our goal is to provide the most comforting and stress-free environment for you and your family pet(s) when you cannot be there to.

Our animal sitters adore and understand cats, dogs, and other animals, and will give whatever type of attention you and your pets prefer to your beloved, furry family members. We come to your home to learn the lay of the land and get to know you and your pets. You can rest assured that everything goes smoothly when you must leave your darling animals and know that they won’t feel alone.

We pride ourselves on knowing the pet care industry, and even more – knowing your pets. Understanding their as well as your needs, and treating your home and furry family members with respect and honor are our duty.

Whether you’re seeking regular visits or walks, an overnight animal & house sitter, or anything else pet care related, with Professional Pet Sitters Inc. you can trust that your animals are being taken care of in every way. We tend to build relationships quickly, but once you start working with us you will see why we’re the best, and it makes it that much easier to pick up the phone and get service again and again from people who know you and your animals.

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